Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Blog: Aug

Class today was insightful because it reminded me that curiously can still be created in a student and how that feeling can help a student think critically. Scientific inquiry in learning prepares students for real life situations by requiring critical thinking and our class activity created strong groups that required all individuals to actively think. I was very pleased with our first class activity. In a world where everything has become automatic we have to remember that curiosity is a good thing and that as individuals asking questions and searching for fulfilling answers is beneficial. Sadly, our automatic world has caused students to stop thinking critically. I don't believe that all the blame lies on the students and our automatic world, teachers definitely are to blame. Lesson plans, homework, and activities that a lot of teachers assign don't require much input. For the most part students find answers with one click to complete these assignments. Scientific inquiry in teaching requires planning lessons that students can engage with. For example, a lesson plan or assignment that requires students to read, investigate, explore, and analyze can enhance the development of critical thinking and knowledge. Creating curiosity in students is definitely a good way to keep our students actively learning.