Monday, September 12, 2016

Third Blog : September

Class today was quite interesting, my classmates shared a couple of stories where they elaborated on their experiences with student teaching. One story in particular caught my attention, my classmate is having trouble with a big group of students in his class. A few of my classmates had a few suggestions for him. As I sat in my chair I reflected on what was happening. It made me realize that passion and dedication are definitely the most important in our degree process and when we begin our journey as teachers. I sat there truly scared but I also realize that as future teachers and teachers we will have a good community to rely on and ask questions. My fear remains and it is definitely not going away for a while but that's okay, it's part of the learning experience.

Later in class we dove into Our pendulum investigation. This process was simple as we worked together and each worked on a task. We begun by discussing questions and what needed to be completed to get results. We decided to focus on the string, Does the lenght of the string affect its repeating pattern? Our design included knowing the materials we needed, setting up the materials, the procedure we needed to follow to get results, made a table to record our data, we analyzed our results and then finally came to our conclusion. We also experienced an experimental error in our procedure. Our data was affected but the rest of the data still allowed us to conclude that the lenght of the string does affect its repeating  pattern. I am glad we had an experimental error, when the error occurred we discussed the possibility of starting over and decided that an experimental error is okay.

Tying it all together, our lab and class discussion, errors are going to occur and we are going to make mistakes but it is all a learning experience. In this case the rest of our data still supported our hypothesis and I know that it isn't always going to be the case.This influenced the way I will teach my future students because in science I feel like a lot of the time we say that one error can change everything and for the most part that is true but we learn from mistakes. At times mistakes are the thing we learn from the most. I think it's important to teach students that mistakes are okay in science and in life. My lesson for this class is that the learning experience is an important component of teaching and for teaching science.

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  1. Yes, mistakes are really important. And it needs to be understood that mistakes are an essential part of the learning process