Monday, October 10, 2016

Fifth Blog : October

From the 5E Learning Cycle I can anticipate the engaging stage to be the most difficult to plan. This stage requires that I pique my students curiosity, I think that trying to get all of them to be curious enough to ask questions is challenging. Having students who like a variety of different things is what makes it so challenging. A lot of creativity would have to occur for me to fully master this stage because there's other components , that follow after creating that curiosity . Like I mentioned before if they don't get curious they won't ask questions or become involved . The most difficult stage for me to facilitate would be the evaluation stage . I'm trying to figure out what "fair " evaluations of students are. I think high expectations from all should be required but how do you evaluate everyone the same if their strength is not communicating or collaborating . How do I grade my English Learners? I have a lot of questions about the evaluation stage and until I can figure out answers to my doubts I won't be able to execute this stage of the learning cycle effectively. 

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