Sunday, October 30, 2016

Seventh Blog : October

After watching the videos A Private Universe and Joseph Novak I was alarmed by the misconceptions that have developed in even the most talented students. The Science misconceptions that both videos mentioned were developed through a variety of experiences and interactions. This science misconceptions exist in our students way of thinking and will continue to exist because there is no one teaching them the facts. The subjects in this misconceptions were learned in their younger years and there's no further education on the topic. This happens because teachers assume that their students have already learned the basic science knowledge. I think this is the mistake that most teachers make, they assume that students already know the terminology, concepts, and ideas. For this reason misconceptions continue to exist, and in the future it is harder for students to get rid of those misconceptions (stop thinking that what they knew all their life to be the reason or fact is not reality or correct). There are also times when students may accept new information but apply it to their old way of thinking instead of replacing it completely. The videos opened my mind about how hard it is to get rid of misconceptions.

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